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Fighting For Your Families

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Not A Machine Politician



Contribute to Sam's campaign so he can fight in Harrisburg for your families and neighborhoods


Oropeza is a River Ward resident with his fiancé Amanda, their two young children, Jenny and John, and their two dogs, Stella and Roxanne.

 A New Presence

Sam is tired of career politicians' talk and empty promises that never result in addressing the underlying challenges we continue to face. He is committed to bringing a new presence to Harrisburg, one of an actual fighter who understands real struggles and how to effectively overcome and succeed.  Sam works tirelessly to expand and create opportunities for his family, fellow workers, and entire community. He is not another career politician; he is the tough, savvy neighbor who fights for the interests of those around him.

Sam Oropeza is now called upon to go to the State Senate and fight for the taxpayers, working families, and neighborhoods of the Northeast.  People are tired of the political machine.  Residents are fed up with the constant talk and no action of career politicians.  Our common problems remain to be unaddressed. Oropeza is dedicated to fighting for commonsense progress on crime & public safety, education, and job creation.  Sam Oropeza wants to fight to make a real, ground-level difference.


 Learn about Sam Oropeza

Sam Oropeza is the youngest of six children raised in a strong Catholic family; he understands the power of community and what can be accomplished with hard work and steadfast determination.  His experience as a trained tradesman, real estate professional, local community activist, professional fighter, and proud parent make Sam the qualified choice to best serve the values and needs of working families of the Northeast.  He will fight for you on Pennsylvania's State Senate. 

Sam works tirelessly to expand and create opporunities for his family, fellow workers, and entire community

Meet Sam

We can improve our neighborhoods together

More Jobs

Safer Neighborhoods

Zero Political Games

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Better Education

Fighting for


Northeast Residents




Make Our

Neighborhoods Safe

Sam cares for safer streets and neighborhoods and wants to fight for them.

  1. Support police by providing the funding and tools they require to do their jobs effectively

  2. Join civic associations, community groups, and residents in the fight against crime

  3. Fight for commonsense reforms in Harrisburg that punish criminals, especially those who use guns​

Stand up against Larry Krasner’s radical agenda that gives more rights to criminals than their victims


Create More Jobs

The best thing to help Northeast residents is to grow our economy by bringing good-paying jobs to the city.  More jobs = more money to meet our living needs.

  1. Make Pennsylvania more competitive when it comes to attracting job creators

  2. Stand up for job-creating small businesses

  3. Support Philadelphia’s growing energy, tech and healthcare sectors.


Sam will fight to reverse the disastrous policies that are driving up inflation and extend our money to increase quality of life.


Better Schools for a Better Future

Education is the best path to helping our children succeed


Sam fights for choice, accountability, and investment in education so parents have a say in where their kids attend school and the material being tought, and then provide those public schools with the resources needed to deliver a quality education.


No More Political Games

The Philadelphia political machine and the selfish games in Harrisburg have accomplished little in regard to helping those who matter: YOU.  


As State Senator, Sam will say "no" to political games and unproductive partisanship.  His focus is on what's best and beneficial for the real person, and he refuses to put that at risk by acting through intimidation or special interests.

No More Political Games.

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